Retransfer ID Card Printers

Retransfer ID Card Printers

Retransfer card printers deliver edge-to-edge, "borderless" printing of your cards. They coat the entire surface of each produced card without a white border (unlike the standard DTC printing).  Retransfer technology is the increasingly preferred solution sought by a broad cross section of industries. Why? Consumers are demanding it. Personalized access control, retail, banking and financial cards  and smart cards have become the norm in business operations. And so has the on-demand issuance of cards and with it the need for growing security, flexibility and efficiency.

These advanced card applications have strict image quality, encoding and high performance standards. Retransfer technology meets these "optimal card printing" requirements. It uses a  reversal transfer process, which transfers the high resolution image unto a clear receiving layer carried by a flexible intermediate film. The layer with the film is thermally bonded to the card surface.  to film thermal  in a number of areas:

  1. Superior image quality e.g. in government and business applications where clear sharp graphics can accurately portray  a card user or effectively deliver a brand message

  2. Greater flexibility: The retransfer process allows for high quality printing on a wide variety of card types, materials and textures. Many plastic card applications such as finance, retail royalty and smart cards

  3. Improved security and tamper proof resistance: the intermediate film  the image is printed unto used   inherently provides fraud protection since the film easily shows tamper evidence. Any attempt to tamper with data on the card also damages the film—which cannot be easily repaired or re-used. Users gain the edge-to-edge protection of a security credential, with durability exceeding a comparable DTC print.

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