Card production and personalization equipment and accessories

Card Production & Personalization Equipment & Accessories

Create the right type of cards in the right volume at the right time. Use our latest-technology personalization printers and card sorter equipment to properly implement your card programs and deliver desired results.

Small to medium volume card personalization
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High voume card creation and personalization printing
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Card sorting pre or post personalization
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JC6200G Tabletop Card issuance System

Most popular is the JC6200G designed for fast smart card encoding & personalization. The JC6200G is a tabletop equipment combining contact and contactless smart cards encoding, (LF, HF & UHF) with Laser marking, all at a nominal speed of 3,600 cards per hour.
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MOI FaceBar

MODI FaceScreen

EMP6820 Card Personalization Printing System

For high volume card personalization DOD/UV/LED printing, and chip encoding the modular EMP6820 has been primarily designed for ID Credentials and surface printed Banking Cards, but also very popular for Gift Cards and any other card-based solution. The modular design allows customized configurations of DOD UV INKJET LED cured, monochrome or multicolor at up to 12,000 cards per hour.
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EMP8050F Card Sorting-System

For card sorting pre or post personalization, the EMP8050 can be customized for electronic sorting based on mag stripe or contact/contactless smart card, and/or for image sorting by OCR. The unit sorts up to 6,000 card per hour and can be customized within 10 stations/module.
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emp 2100c handheld card counter