EMP1200 Automatic Card Counter and Dispenser

EMP1200 Automatic Card Counter and Dispenser

The EMP1100C desktop card counter accurately counts up to 36,000 credit, debit, ATM, gift, loyalty or access control cards per hour. Popular across multiple industries including banking, At 420mmx200mmx80mm and weighing just 9.5kg, it compact size and manageable weight make it is a fantastic option where space is a premium.  The EMP-1200 is widely used by banks, card manufacturers, metros, and other card management centers—globally. Besides these benefits it’s a top pick for some of the following features:

Standard Counting, where cards and tickets are fed through a highly sensitive electronic gate for accurate counting and stored in a digital analysis circuit for count per stack of cards, and accumulation of counting passes of separate stacks of cards.

Preset quantity counting & Dispensing function, which allows the operator to preset a quantity of cards to be counted, adding the card dispensing function to the EMP-1200. This function is important for dispensing fare cards to customers in a fast pace environment at the counter, preparing cards & tickets for packaging or shipping in shipping and logistics centers, etc. And finally…

Operator-friendly, fast and accurate even on dirty and damaged cards and tickets. Counts non-transparent cards and tickets with adjustable input gate from .2 mm (≈10 mil) to 1 mm (≈ 40 mil).
One typical use is in the Mass Transit and passenger transportation for end of day counting of used cards and tickets


  • Operating modes: accumulating mode and presetting mode(EMP-1200P)
  • Stepping motor control: Starts or stop counting at any time and clear the counting display
  • 4 digits nixie tube display: Under the normal mode and accumulating mode, the maximal quantity of card-counting is 9999 while the maximal quantity of preset card-counting is 999 under the presetting mode.
  • 4 operating keys: Reset (break/start) function increasing decreasing by degrees. Reset(break/start) and function are frequently used and the power supply controls the motor and the circuit board are separate
  • Automatic sorting function
  • The motor for sorting cards is 220V AC while the motor for delivering cards is stepping motor.


  • Temperature of preserving environment: -10℃--50℃
  • Relative humidity of preserving environment: 10%--90%
  • Working temperature: 10℃--40℃
  • Working humidity: 30%--80%
  • Average fault-free operating time ≥120H
  • Speed: 36,000 cards per hour
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz Power:<65watts (110V or 220V)


  • Card printing
  • Mass Transit
  • Toll roads Government
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing and shipping
  • Warehousing and more

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