Boost the Security, Enrollment & Visitor Management Capabilities of Your Business

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More and more businesses are looking for easier and smoother ways to manage their ID programs, people, spaces and assets more securely. Discover how yoi can you improve the security of your overall business operations and how SandiaInternational can help.


Boost the security, visitor management and enrollment of your business operations with more seamless ID and access control solutions from-Sandia International.


We'll explain how next...


Sandia International Inc provides products and services for card enrollment and identification, digital payments, smart banking, transportation,  and access control solutions. Building upon over 25 years of relationships developed by Sandia Imaging Inc., All-star Industries, and Advanced Card Systems, the firm is a reseller of products of the following firms: HID, Datacard, Secumind, Matica, Team Nisca, Zebra, Iris, Evolis, ID Connections, and EmpTech.


The obvious and hidden costs associated with the leap in identity theft, threats to national security, data breaches, and other security risk factors - require more sophisticated and soundproof ways of data-proofing ID cards. New cutting-edge technology provides the advanced level of security and functionality that today's ID cards require. Sandia International Inc. makes this technology available for applications ranging from student and government IDs and employee badges, financial cards; banking, cashless payment cards, and access control to grocery cards, gift cards, and business.

We offer turnkey and customizable, robust options that help support your current and longterm security strategies and priorities.

If you are looking for better ID card solutions i.e. better ways to guard against ID and data leaks from your ID Badges, Photo ID Cards, Proximity Cards & RFID Cards, Student ID, Employee ID Government ID, Security ID Badges, Custom ID Cards, Specialty Cards and other custom ID cards; We can provide a tailor- made solution for your needs.


Custom solutions made for your specific needs: From visitor management to access control


DFW International Airport: Visitor Management Installation


Sandia installed a cloud-based visitor management system for DFW Airport HQ in 2019 and maintains it to date. The system facilitates daily expiring visitor badges for thousands preventing unauthorized entry.


This turn-key solution features the best-in-class Epson color label printer, simple to use cloud-based software, and Expiring visitor badges that change color overnight to prevent reuse.


In a similar fashion, Sandia has also provided identification badge printers to the Department of Public Safety and supplies their needs to date.


DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Access Control Migration


Our client, The Emergency Preparedness Department of the DART Police Department, in upgrading their Physical Access Control System switched from Lenel Facility Commander Winx to the new LENEL Onguard. The old Winx system had become obsolete and was malfunctionimg with access control and software errors.


A more robust system was vital. In addition the new system would:

  • Allow for existing data on the old syteme to be migrated
  • Work on DART's existing infrastructure and
  • Respond to ever-evolving needs
  • Lessening the security risks and harm that could result from the system going offline.


Sandia international produced the Access/ID Card with facility codes, employee and contractor programming with numbering systems and privileges. DART successfully migrated and transitioned to Lenel OnGuard whilst protecting their investment in their existing infrastructure.. 


Get smoother, more secure, enrollment, access, and visitor management solutions. Discover which equipment, software, systems and services will best fit and grow with your needs. 


Optimize the way you work and protect your people, spaces and assets! We'll assign one of our a dedicated security experts and consultants to discuss your objectives.

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